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»I live with my parents and notice the economic situation when shopping. Currently we rather buy no-name food products and we spend less money for brand goods.
I'm now more sensitive towards people on the street, who beg for food. If I have something to eat with me, I hand them some food, because I feel sympathy. When I watch the news, I have the feeling that many people here don't have realized the crisis yet. They don't realize the current situation at all. But then, there are also people who exploit the soup kitchens and relief actions, even though they are not at all affected by the crisis.
I think that the politicians could change the situation, but, with their huge salaries, they are a bad example, especially if they only demand cuts from others.
Probably, I will go abroad because I want to make a master in my professional field and then I want to do research. Here, there is no research investment in my profession.«
— Inês, 18 years old, studies biology
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