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»A lot has changed for me. My mother has been unemployed for one month now and my father is working in a Sonae department store. We have also moved for financial reasons.
I'm trying to save money and I am annoyed with myself that I've started smoking and can't stop it. When I watch TV, I'm feeling really bad.
At the moment I am doing an internship and get 150,00 euro a month and I am also looking for additional work. It is difficult to identify those who are responsible for the crisis, the former Minister Sócrates would certainly be a candidate.
I'm afraid not find any work in the future, however one shouldn't resign and still try to follow one's dreams.
Actually, I wanted to be an actress and I still try to achieve this too. Because everything here has become so complex, I would like to go away sometime.«
— Ana Raquel, 20 years old, attends a commercial vocational school
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