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»Until now, not much has changed for me as a result of the crisis, but I had to realize that there are fewer opportunities. From the age of 16 I have been working in various fields (cafés and shopping centres) and for the last two years, I have a job in a pet store.
It is very difficult to work and study at the same time and I feel huge, mental stress, because I am now taking my master. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, because I can go abroad after my studies.
My part–time job is not a permanent solution. I'm working 30 hours⁄week for 460,00 euro netto per month.
Of course I would rather go away by choice and not due to financial pressure. After finishing my master, I'll try to get a scholarship in my field of expertise.
The causes for the crisis are poor management, corruption and, for a long time, greed. The politicians could change the situation, if they really wanted to do so, but they prefer it rather easy and comfortable. Through their comfort, they lead a good life and we all pay for it. The situation will not change quickly, because the national debt for years has still increased constantly.
My goal is to finish my master and then go away immediately.«
— Luís, 25 years old, makes master in aquaculture
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