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»I live alone with my child and earn 680,00 euro a month through my laboratory job. At the same time I am studying water management and I will take my master in the near future.
I see the increasing food prices, increasing taxes and at the same time stagnant wages, hence there is an increased pressure on our salaries. Water and electricity costs are rising too and the teaching materials for my child are also expensive.
Basically, I have a positive attitude and hope that people will find other solutions due to the crisis. One should feel joy over things, which were already forgotten. The altruism of the people has been partially lost in recent years, but it's coming back now because many are affected economically.
I do not watch news on TV, as only negative things are usually shown on TV. Of course I am aware of many people who are in a difficult situation. For example there have been plenty of changes in the health care system and especially for the elderly and unemployed people, it has become very difficult.
The politicians of the last 30 years are responsible. They have made bad decisions and misused the money of the European Union. In addition, there is a social class, which has more and more money and buy luxury goods and thus the social gap continues to grow.
I have no confidence in politics. I believe in the human being, we need to look for new ways and possibilities. Now, creativity and entrepreneurship are in demand and it always depends on oneself.
I'm looking forward to my future, because I'm somebody who has lived more modestly. I know exactly how to get by with little money. You should invest in your own training and I raise my child with these values, so that we should have respect for the essential things in life and orientate ourselves not only on luxury.
Professionally, I would like to be promoted to technical management.«
— Marisa, 33 years, works in a technical laboratory and studies water management
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