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»Even if I am currently working in my father's company, it would be difficult to find a job in my profession here. I really wish to train in a professional practice, however so far I haven't found a place. I have become more financially prudent and I think we all should financially restrict ourselves more.
I feel disquiet, because I can't find any work in my profession. When I see the news on TV, I can only laugh; it's nothing but a circus.
Firstly the situation is a political crisis, however everybody carries some for the current situation. I don't think that the politicians can make a difference, because by now it has become a cultural problem. Corruption is the main reason why the southern European countries have such a high public debt.
I don't want to leave Portugal, but maybe I just have no choice.«
— Bárbara, 27 years old, studied psychology, currently working in her father's company (shoe factory)
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