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»My life hasn't changed dramatically due to the crisis, however I clearly notice the effects of the crisis. My mother is working as a teacher at a public school, her salary has been cut twice already and her career is put on hold. So, at home there have been some changes in particular because my father no longer works.
At the moment I'm in the last year of the master programme for translation and work once a week for a catering company which pay me a bit less than 3,50 euro per hour, usually I'm working more than 15 hours. The sole advantage of this part–time job is, that I only work once per week and I am paid cash, so that I don't have to pay 150,00 euro per month for the social insurance, which would mean, that I would only earn a few ›coins‹ in the end. In addition, I update the website of a cousin of mine, witch is kind of database with cultural events.
The work, the studies and the lack of free time lead to some stress. I'm at a point where I realize that I should look for each opportunity to make money: to save money and to pay the tuition fees, because this is not possible for my parents at the moment. At the same time I would gain experience too, as today only a full curriculum vitae provokes the interest of an employer.
In my eyes, I already have a very rich curriculum vitae. However, I feel this pressure and have the feeling that I really can't afford the luxury namely to concentrate only on my studies.
It was always my dream to travel through Europe and to live in a foreign country, that's why I'm doing my practical training, required for my studies, next year in Berlin. I don't know what comes next, but I certainly will try to stay there, if I like the experiences of the training.«
— Joana, 22 years old, studies translation and linguistic services
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