Raquel portrait
»I would like to study veterinary medicine, but I did not pass the entrance examination the first time.
I can clearly feel the crisis, because my parents are directly affected by the economic situation even if they have a proper income as dentists. It is more difficult now for them to afford the school fees, because I am visiting a private school.
The crisis should sharpen ones attention to others and ones understanding, that the situation affects many people and that we must help one another. In spite of the financial constrictions, one should try to live one's life. Well, ›Chin up!‹, there are still others who are worse off.
I would like to pass my studies successfully, because you can only make it today and prosper if one is really good. I would like to study here and we should be proud of our country and all try together to make a difference and to share the social costs.«
— Raquel, 18 years old, wants to study veterinary medicine
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