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»My parents work in the civil service and both feel the crisis, because this area was immediately affected by the austerity measures. We economize our Christmas shopping and I try to live more consciously. But one shouldn't see everything so negative, otherwise one only thinks of problems.
We should try to be content with all that we have. And we should stay close to the people we love and try to live wherever possible as in the past, that means to remain so calm and to meet up with friends.
In Greece for example, there were violent protests on the streets, but that's not my cup of tea, we Portuguese have a different way to look at life and we won't fight in such an aggressive way and accuse everybody.
Of course, we also bear the blame for the present situation. We had a bad control of public finances in the past and this is certainly one reason for the crisis. We suffer from the mistakes of the older generation and now we are affected altogether. Hence I see the situation clearer and more realistic and in my circle of friends it's the same way.
It's typical for the Portuguese, that we feel shame when we have less than others and many suffer from this. Now, I look more at the character of a person and less at his possessions. I think that I am acting more selflessly and I feel satisfaction if I can help others, for example in the canteen at the University, I'm trying to assist others when they don't have enough money for food.
People have to wake up and to become active. We should see the situation as temporary and to have hope that it will get better.
I want to finish my studies successfully and leave Portugal, but since my roots and family are here, I want to come back one day.«
— Beatriz, 18 years old, studies industrial management
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