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»I'm living with my grandma and I clearly feel the crisis. My grandma still works, but her salary has been reduced.
Currently I think a lot about the future and what possibilities there are for me. I'm just considering whether I buy something, because you don't know what will happen.
I think that the media distribute plenty of nonsense. The truth is that there are many problems, but the people don't have understood the backgrounds yet and only believe in what the analysts say.
One should invest more in regional companies and the state should support the local shops more. A problem is that our agriculture and industry are not as developed as in other countries.
We are all jointly responsible for the situation, people complain, make a demo and an hour later they are back in the café. The people vote, yes, and have the final say on power, but the politicians often make false promises. And our politicians are very old and younger politicians should get a chance, so new blood could enter into politics.
First, I want to finish my studies and hope that in the future the companies are looking for people, who have studied today. Many people who have studied, afterwards work in supermarkets. I'm feeling insecure and would like to do something, which could move forward our country.«
— Fábio, 20 years old, studies geography
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