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»I quit my job and would now like to take a break for a month. Personally, I'm still not affected much by the crisis, because there are many job opportunities in my area. However companies try to cut salaries more and more and at the same time increase the workload to a level higher than one can give.
In the end I did the work of two people and this became to much for me. When I see the news, I feel empathy with those who are affected by the crisis. Finally, we have to take matters into our own hands.
Whenever it's possible, I'm trying to help others, but the longer one does a job and the greater is one's responsibility, the more selfish one becomes. Everybody is responsible for the situation, but especially the politicians and the financial sector.
I see Brazil as an example, when there were tax increases, they were opposed through many and large demonstrations. Here we have become accustomed to the situation, and I have no hope that the politicians make a difference.
Now I want to find work that gives me personal and professional satisfaction, but of course a perfect job doesn't exist. I am thinking a lot about going abroad (England, Switzerland, France). I want to get to know other cultures, especially because of the crisis, so that I can form a different point of view.«
— José Francisco, 27 years old, computer scientist
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