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»I'm supported through studies by my parents, so I haven't noticed many changes. My mother is a doctor, my father works as an economist and the workload of my parents has increased and has become more extensive.
The TV news provoke trouble, stress and depression. The Troika comes into the country, there are always new measures and more saving requirements, you see many younger people without work and this all result in the thought: Where I am going?
I absolutely want to finish my studies. Fortunately, there is no danger that I can't complete them, due to my family situation.
Not only the government is at fault for the present state, but also many reasons can be found in the past, for example generous credits were available and everybody had got used to try to have everything. Many people got into debt at that time and by now interest rates have risen and they have to pay their debts.
There were too many squabbles within the government, we should go for the best and don't always compromise. People are passive, if there is a minimum wage, many are just satisfied. I'm not a friend of demonstrations, but if we could feel more satisfaction and passion for our work, then it wouldn't be so bad.
Many young people have resigned because it is so difficult to find a job. And many are used to a lot of public support and have thus lost their ambition.
My generation has a different mentality and wants to make progress. There will be a turn for the better. I have only partially faith in the politicians, there are a lot of interests in politics and the more important a politician is, the harder it is for him to ignore those interests.
I want to stay here and don't want to go away, but perhaps there is no other option for me. But I would always try to come back again.«
— Sara, 20 years old, studies pharmacy
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