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»Last year I finished my studies, and now I'm working as an internship at a veterinarian. I earn 600,00 euro netto per month. It was very tough to find a job in this profession and for months before I worked in other fields and looked for alternatives. As a result, my self–esteem has suffered and I don't have to subject myself to watch TV daily.
The reasons for the crisis can be found in the past — wrong decisions were made. For example during the European Football Championships 2004 a wad of money was wasted here. Even if there would be a change in political objectives, it will be difficult to change something. There will neither be a saviour, nor will there be any short–term solutions.
I live from day to day and keep my eyes open as my internship is not a guarantee for a solid job in my profession. At the moment I wouldn't go emigrate, since the demands and expectations are very high in my area of expertise.
I would decide to go abroad once I were more experienced. In other professions, such as nursing, it is easier to find a job abroad. I'm fighting to stay here and I see a foreign country as a last chance.«
— Inês, 25 years old, placement at a veterinarian
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