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»My parents support me, I have already stayed one year in Germany, and for the last three years I am living in Porto. I have become more realistic with regard to my future: Because you can't find a job in the country where you like to live after your studies, you have to think about going abroad. These days you always should expect that you have to move abroad to find work.
Sometimes, I no longer want to see or listen to any more messages just to avoid reality. All of us are responsible for the crisis, especially the politicians, because they have a good life while the majority of the population suffers from the austerity measures.
I think that selfishness belongs to human nature and if there is the possibility to exercise power, this can become addictive. For this reason the politicians will not change the situation, because their greed for power remains unbroken. But it depends a lot on the will of the people, people may complain, but they are not really active.
I'm trying to be optimistic and will try to emigrate to other countries (England, Germany), because there are better working conditions.
I got a temporary job as an interpreter for the Germans at the Macau Grand Prix and I want to see if that leads to other job opportunities.«
— Natacha, 21 years old, studied languages and culture
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