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»I was born in Düsseldorf⁄Germany and have a Portuguese mother and a German father. My parents are divorced and I moved with my mother to Portugal. I've never lost contact with my father.
My mother is a teacher and has lost her job. Now, it is difficult to pay for University. I am feeling frustrated because there are also other solutions and ideas for the government how to deal with the current situation. One had already started to hope, that politics would change something, but I don't trust the politicians.
It's depressing that we have to save more, there are always new bailouts and nothing improves. In my opinion the Government doesn't have the will to really change something. Of course, it is a global crisis and linked to our economic system.
We try to pull as much as possible out of the system until, at the end, we have nothing left.
At first I want to finish my studies in Portugal and then I like to do an internship in Germany. After this I will make my master in Portugal and if nothing has changed here, I will move back again to Germany.«
— Henrique, 18 years old, studies landscaping
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